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On the negative side, Scott Mendelson of Forbes criticized the film for being too "dark" and "gritty," saying that the film lacked in humor and excitement, offering little nuance and little artistic interpretation beyond hitting the expected goal posts. Gods and Kings is a terrible film. It is a badly acted and badly written melodrama that takes what should be a passionate and emotionally wrenching story and drains it of all life and all dramatic interest.

But is this oh-so-familiar tale still fresh enough to get people into theaters in the droves needed to make back the very high production values that we see on screen? Gods and Kings thinking that director Ridley Scott is going to give the Moses story anything we didn't already get from Cecil B.

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DeMille in two versions of The Ten Commandments , prepare to be disappointed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gods and Kings Theatrical release poster. United States United Kingdom Spain [2]. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved November 21, Retrieved December 15, Retrieved December 12, Retrieved June 29, Gods and Kings ". Retrieved May 2, Ridley Scott's Star Wars".

Interviewed by Eric Spitznagel. Retrieved April 18, I've got something else in the works. I'm already doing it.

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It's going to happen. Retrieved March 28, Gods and Kings ' ". Retrieved November 19, Retrieved December 10, Gods and Kings' Actor Christian Bale".

Retrieved September 16, Retrieved July 29, Gods and Kings' faces boycott calls over all-white lead cast". Retrieved August 10, Retrieved December 16, Retrieved July 2, Filmmaker Ridley Scott begins filming in Almeria, Spain". Retrieved October 25, The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved March 20, Gods and Kings presented VFX challenges of biblical proportions". Retrieved December 8, Retrieved July 12, Archived from the original on December 17, Retrieved January 10, The New York Times.

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Retrieved January 17, Retrieved January 7, Retrieved December 13, Retrieved December 14, Retrieved December 29, Intl Box Office Final". Intl Box Office Update". Retrieved January 5, Exodus grapples with Noah for top prophet margins". Retrieved December 11, Retrieved March 18, Historically, subsequent social events, such as invasions or shifts in power structures, cause the previous king of the gods to be displaced by a new divinity, who assumes the displaced god's attributes and functions.

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Frequently the king of the gods has at least one wife who is the queen of the gods. There is also a tendency for kings of the gods to assume more and more importance, syncretistically assuming the attributes and functions of lesser divinities, who come to be seen as aspects of the single supreme deity. Examples of this include:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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