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Today's literature is plagued by sequelitis; plagued because many of the offspring are abominations. But here's a marvelous exception.

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Seventeen years after King and Straub's first collaboration, The Talisman , comes an immensely satisfying follow-up, a brilliant and challenging dark fantasy that fans of both authors are going to love. Page by page, the novel reads as equal parts King and Straub, with the Maine master's exuberance and penchant for excess restrained by Straub's generally more elegant though no more potent approach. But the book, far more than its predecessor, is set explicitly in the King universe, with particular ties to the Dark Tower series.

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Its primary hero is The Talisman 's Jack Sawyer, now retired from the LAPD and living with no memory of his otherwordly Talisman exploits, alone in French Landing, Wisconsin—a town surveyed by the authors in an unusual third-person plural narration that buoys the book throughout. Terror stalks French Landing in the form of the Fisherman, who's been snatching, killing and eating the town's children. We know that the Fisherman is a resident of the town's elderly care facility, but Jack doesn't; when yet another child, Ty Marshall, is taken, Jack enters the hunt for the killer and the boy. He's joined by an array of locals, notably a gang of philosopher bikers and blind Henry Leyden, a something cool cat whom every reader will adore.

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Jack is going to need all their help, and more, because The Fisherman is controlled by a malignant entity from End-World, where the Crimson King aims to unravel the fabric of all the universes. Hoffmann wrote Struwwelpeter in reaction to the lack of good books for children.

Intending to buy a picture book as a Christmas present for his three-year-old son, Hoffmann instead wrote and illustrated his own book. The book was one of the first uses of chromolithography a method of making multi-colored prints in a children's book. For the third edition, published in , the title was changed to Struwwelpeter , the name of the character in the first story.

Peter and the Ghost (Volume Seven) by Darren Pillsbury

The book became popular among children throughout Europe, and, writes author and researcher Penni Cotton, the pictures and characters showed a great deal of originality and directness. Struwwelpeter has been translated into several languages. In Mark Twain wrote his own translation of the book, but because of copyright issues Twain's "Slovenly Peter" was not published until 25 years after his death in British twin illustrators Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone provided new illustrations for an English translation published in A live action film based on the book was released in Germany in Directed by Fritz Genschow , in this adaptation there is a "happy" ending where the characters' bad deeds are reversed.

Little Suck-a-Thumb is a psychosexual interpretation of the infamous cautionary tale.

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Struwwelpeterlieder is a setting of three of the stories for soprano, viola and piano by American composer Lowell Liebermann. German composer Kurt Hessenberg a descendent of Hoffmann's arranged Der Struwwelpeter for children's choir op. English author Edward Harold Begbie 's first published book, The Political Struwwelpeter , is of British politics, with the British Lion is as Struwwelpeter, "bedraggled, with long, uncut claws.

And now with sudden swift emergence Come the women in dark glasses, the humpbacked surgeons And the Scissor Man. Adolf Hitler was parodied as a Struwwelpeter caricature in in a book called Struwwelhitler , published in Britain under the pseudonym Dr. The "Story of Soup-Kaspar" is parodied in Astrid Lindgren 's Pippi Longstocking , with a tall story about a Chinese boy named Peter who refuses to eat a swallow's nest served to him by his father, and dies of starvation five months later.

Josephine Tey , in The Man in the Queue Macmillan, , describes a scene in which a character's hair is "spread round it by the force of gravity into a Struwwelpeter effect. The story's narrator, Arthur Hastings, describes another character, Stephen Norton: In Angela Carter 's Nights at the Circus , a hermit living by a frozen river in Siberia is described as having fingernails "as long as those of Struwwelpeter in the picture book".

Waechter 's Anti-Struwwwelpeter is a parody of Der Struwwelpeter. In the Wildstorm Comics series Top 10 , one of the officers in the precinct is called Shock-Headed Pete , ostensibly in reference to his electrical powers.

Enid Blyton

In a edition of the Thames Television detective series Van der Valk , entitled "Doctor Hoffman's Children," the detective, played by Barry Foster , solves a series of murders after finding the book in the bedroom of his house, when his wife relates the tale of the scissorman to their granddaughter. The murders were all done in the style of events in the book. Brief references are made to the book in the film Woman in Gold , when the central character reminisces about her youth in Vienna during the Anschluss.

The Office references the book in Season 2, Episode Dwight Schrute reads "the Story of the Thumb-Sucker" to the children, but is interrupted by a horrified Michael Scott.

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